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Dr. Howard Peiper


 Howard is a nationally recognized expert in the holistic counseling field. His healing, health care and natural professional credentials extend over a thirty year period and include those of naturopath, author, lecturer, magazine consultant, radio personality and host of a television show, Partners in Healing.

New Books:

H2 WATER 4 LIFE: Humans have survived for as many as 90 days without food. But we can live only seventy-two hours without water before going into a semi-comatose state. However, drinking water saturated with inorganic minerals such as magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate and other elements our bodies cannot use, may lead to a variety of unhealthy conditions and diseases. These inorganic minerals, toxic chemicals, fluoride and other contaminants can pollute, clog up and even turn our tissues into stone, causing pain, illness and even premature death. H2 Water, nature’s healing water, may help remove inorganic mineral deposits and toxins from our joints, may remove cholesterol and fat, and create a pH balance in our body. This book unlocks the mysteries of H2 Water, which can often relieve chronic suffering. Using the miracle of H2 Water Therapy can now help us live healthier, happier and longer lives.  $23.95


  Getting to Know NO: The Nitric Oxide Revolution


What Should Go In My tummy!


A Guide Through the Gluten-Free World                                                              

The Best in Natural Pet Care  

The Miracle of Infrared Therapy   

Older titles but still active:

Wrinkles No More
Create a Miracle with Hexagonal Water
New Hope for Serious Diseases
The A.D.D. & A.D.H.D. Diet
Zeolite Nature’s Heavy Metal Detoxifier
Viral Immunity with Humic Acid
The Secrets of Staying Young
Nutritional Leverage For Great Golf
All Natural High Performance Diet
Natural Solutions For Sexual Enhancement
Cancer Disarmed
Super Nutrition for Dogs and Cats

Dr. Peiper is co-host of the award winning Television show, Partners in Healing. They feature guest in the alternative healing field including such names as Harvey Diamond, Dr. John Upledger, Dr. Bernard Jensen, Gary Null and Dr. Marshall Mandell.

Dr. Peiper is available for telephone consultation.

Dr. Howard Peiper
Phone: (760) 902-3343
E-Mail: howardpeiper@gmail.com


One comment on “Dr. Howard Peiper

  1. Your seminar on Thursday at 5 Town’s was extremely enlightening and I want to thank you. I am doing everything wrong . Could you recommend some reading material. Unfortunately I missed your previous seminars. How much do you charge for your telephone counseling? Thanks Marian Walker

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